Tramag 50 mg


100 mg of tramadol hydrochloride and excipients for a tablet or suppository.

Pharmacological properties:

Tramadol is a powerful analgesic with central action. The analgesic effect is installed rapidly and persists for several hours.


  •     Severe acute or chronic pain
  •     Pain due to lesions, myocardial infarct, tumours,
  •     Severe neuralgia
  •     Pain due todiagnostic and therapeutic surgery


  •     Not to be used in alcohol acute intoxications, hypnotics or other psychotropic drugs
  •     Not to be administered to children under 1 year old
  •     Respiratory depression
  •     High intra-cranial pressure
  •     Not to be administered in cases of asthma or cardiac insufficiency

Side effects:

Dizziness, nausea, tiredness

Rarely palpitations, hypotension, exceptionally rare convulsions.

Treatment and dosage:

1 – 2 tablets, three or four times daily, not to exceed 400 mg daily.


Keep away from humidity, heat and light, store below 25°C in the original container.


2 years from manufacturing date.