Ketomag 25mg/g gel

Pharmaceutical form: gel

Strength: 25mg ketoprofen per gram gel


Ketomag gel is used for the topical management of:

– muscle and joint pain of rheumatic origin, swelling after physical exercise and other post-trauma problems (as sprains, tendon and ligament ruptures)

– muscle pain due to excessive physical activity

– improvement of back pain and inflammation (minor back pain), and degenerative joint pain


Ketomag gel is used for topical administration.

Adults (including elderly)

Ketomag gel is applied on the painful or inflamed area once to three times a day, gently massaging for a better absorbtion. The quantity applied is the one needed for covering the affected area – approximately 4g of gel (corresponding to 100mg ketoprofen) or even more, depending on the affected area. Maximum daily dose should not surpass 15g gel. The period of treatment should not surpass one week.