Research & Development

Our products are the result of our R&D team work.

By using modern technologies, our company obtained new products, which provide solutions for a safe and efficient treatment, according to the patients’ needs.

The Research and Development Department is currently studying the elaboration of new generic products as well as the improvement of the technological processes for the existing products.

Another direction of development and research is represented by new products with natural extract, in the form of dermo-cosmetics, para-pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, in different forms: creams, gels, tablets and atomized powders.

In this direction, our company had continuous collaboration with the academic environment and mainly with the “Ovidius” University, Faculty of Pharmacy, having a joint participation in the National Research Projects Competition PN-II-PT-PCCA-2011-3, with the project proposal “Innovative nanostructured pharmaceutical products based on wild bitter cherry fruit extracts with antidiarrhoeal and hepatoprotective action, Acronym Cirefarm”, as partner and co-financing.