Laxamag 10 mg


One suppository contains 10 milligrams of bisacodyl and excipients, solid semi-synthesis glycerids (Suppocire AM).

Pharmaceutical – therapeutic group

Contact laxative.

Therapeutic indications

– short term treatment of occasional constipation

-preparing of the patients for colonoscopy and rectoscopy, and also for other types of surgery interventions.

Adverse effects

Hypersensitivity to bisacodyl or any other of the products’ excipients. Inflammatory affections of the colon, ulcers – hemmorhaegical recto-colitis, Crohn disease. Painful abdominal syndrome with undetermined causes. Occlusive or sub-occlusive syndrome.

Special precautions

Pregnancy and breast-feeding

Due to limited information regarding the use of Laxamag during pregnancy and breast-feeding the product may be used in these periods only with the physician’s advice.

Capability of driving vehicles or using machines

Laxamag does not affect the capacity of driving vehicles or use of machines.

Dosage and administration


Constipation treatment: the normal dose is of one Laxamag suppository (10 mg of bisacodyl) per day, for maximum 7 days.

Preparing of patients for diagnostic exams or surgery: the normal dose is of one Laxamag suppository 30 minutes before the set moment for intestinal evacuation.


Not to be used after the expiry date stated on the package.

Store at temperatures below 25°C, in the original package.

Not to be left at the reach of children.


Boxes with 2 strips of 3 suppositories.