Meloxicam MCC 15 mg


Suppositories containing 15 mg meloxicam, in boxes with 2 blisters of 3 suppositories each.

Therapeutic action:

MELOXICAM is non steroidal anti inflammatory, of the oxicam class.


MELOXICAM suppositories is used in:

– rheumatoid inflammatory arthritis

– short term treatment of acute crisis of osteoarthritis

– symptomatic treatment of invalidating spondylitis


Arhtrosis : is recommended a starting dose of 7,5 mg daily and if no therapeutic response is obtained it can be increased to 15 mg daily.

Rheumatoid poliarthritis: 15mg daily. In long term treatment and elderly patients the dose is of 7,5mg.

Spondylitic ankylosis : 15 mg daily.


  •     Hypersensitivity to meloxicam or any other ingredient.
  •     Not to be adminstred to patients with asthmatic manifestations, urticaria or allergic reactions to aspirin or other non steroidal anti inflammatory substances.
  •     Severe liver failure
  •     Non dialyzed severe renal insufficiency
  •     Children under 15 years old
  •     Patients with digestive, cerebral or other type of bleeding
  •     Pregnancy and nursing

Pregnancy and nursing:

Pregnancy: administration in the first 5 months of pregnancy is permitted only after careful evaluation and only if it’s justified by the risk-benefit rapport. In the last trimester, beside limited obstetrical indications, administration is prohibited.

Nursing: meloxicam is present in breast milk and administration is nor recommended. If use of meloxicam is a must then interruption of breast feeding must be taken in consideration.

Adverse reactions:

Gastrointestinal: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, constipation.

Dermatological: pruritus, skin rash; rarely – stomatitis, urticaria

Respiratory: very rare meloxicam can produce asthma crisis to aspirin influenced patients.

Nervous central system: headaches, migraine, somnolence, vertigo.

Cardiovascular: rarely edemas.