Contracept M 18.9 mg


An ovule contains 18.9 mg benzalconium chloride and excipients q.s.

Pharmaco-therapeutical group:

antiseptics and disinfectants, quaternary ammonium salts

Therapeuticindications: Contracept-M is suitable for local contraception. This method considerably reduces the risk of an unwanted pregnancy without eliminating it totally. Its efficacy is greater if proper administration is followed. This contraceptive method is suitable for sexually active women.

Special indications:

  •     Temporary or definitive contraindications of other contraceptive measures: oral contraceptives, intrauterine devices.
  •     After birth or abortion, during nursing or in the pre-menopausal period
  •     When momentarily contraception is desired
  •     During oral contraception – in case of missing a dose of administration
  •     Can be used in association with another local contraceptive (e.g. diaphragm)


Hypersensitivity to benzalconium chloride or to any other of the product’s excipients.


Effectiveness of the method depends upon correct use of the ovules. Ovules are used before every sexual contact regardless the hormonal cycle. This spermicide is destroyed by soap, even the slightest trace. Thus use of soaps is strictly prohibited. Immediately before or after sexual intercourse an external care is possible but only with simple water or soapless foam. In case of vaginal lesions administration must be interrupted.


Concomitant use with other local administration drug it’s not recommended because the spermicide can be inactivated.

Pregnancy and nursing

No toxic risk was reported for use of this spermicide during pregnancy. Benzalconium chloride is not excreted in milk. Thus, use during nursing is possible.

Dosage and administration

An ovule it’s used before each sexual contact. Wait for 5-10 minutes until is completely melted before sexual intercourse. Protection is ensured for 4 hours.

Adverse reactions

A risk of allergic reactions is present.

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