About us

Magistra C&C

Established in 1993 as a family owned company, Magistra C&C stands today as one of the most important local producers of human use generics of Romania.

Today, Magistra C&C is a strong pharmaceutical company, with excellent development in all three domains that works with: research, production and distribution.

In 2008 the new headquarters were inaugurated, that encompass all activities of the company. After two years of intensive work, the National Medicines’ Agency certified the new facility by granting in May 2008 the Production Authorization no. 37F/2008, for all production flows.

The entire surface of the facility is of 3200 sqm and comprises offices, two control laboratories for quality control of the products: chemical-physical and microbiological and two production flows on 1000sqm, in all being one of the most up-to-date and complete production facilities in Romania. One of the production flows if dedicated to solid oral pharmaceutical forms (tablets, filmed tablets, capsules) and the other is destined to suppositories, ovules and ointments/creams/gels.
With this investment that surpassed 7 million euro, our production capacity increased to 700million tablets and 50million suppositories and ovules per year.

Magistra C&C strongly believes that the quality system is a must in day to day work. Raw materials and packaging materials, samples taken in process and finished product are all analyzed by our specialists from the Quality Control Laboratory. Through a very rigurous Quality Control we ensure that our finished products are always of the same outstanding quality for every batch.

The products manufactured in Magistra C&C are the result of the work done by our Research and Development department. Using new and modern technologies our company offer solutions for an efficient and safe treatment, according to punctual needs of the patients.

In this moment, Magistra C&C, with 42 registered products in Romania and 120 employees, is the first national producer of suppositories, the only Romanian producer of contraceptive ovules and among the first 5 Romanian producers for tablets.

Through our own distribution net and the warehouses throughout Romania we try to offer to the patients a more affordable choice for imported medicines, but at the same quality.

Another development range for Magistra C&C is represented by collaborations with pharmaceutical companies in contract manufacturing.

Magistra C&C is also present on other markets with its own products, in countries as Moldavia, the Russian Federation, Belarus and Georgia.

The synchronization of Romanian laws and thus of our registration documents for medicines, with the regulations of European Union and the increased production capacity ensured by our new production facility gives us high hopes regarding our objectives of access on new external markets. On short and medium term, Magistra C&C intends to value as many export opportunities as possible, especially in authorizing and distribution of its own products in Western European countries, operations of in and out licensing and contract manufacturing.

After 15 years of activity, Magistra C&C presents itself as a trustful partner for its closest collaborators: physicians and patients.