Buffered Acetylsalycilic Acid


Tablets containing 500nmg acetylsalicilic acid and 250mg calcium carbonate together with other excipients.

Presentation form:

Boxes of two blisters x 10 tablets

Pharmacological properties:

Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic


Treatment of the faint or moderate pain (migraine, nevralgia, mialgia, joint and peri-articular rheumatic pains, toothaches, dysmenorrhea), fever, inflammatory problems, polyarticular acute rheumatism, easing of joint inflammation in rheumatoid polyarthritis).


Hypersensitivity to acetylsalicylic acid, other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories or any of the excipients, gastric or duodenal active ulcer, history of bronchial asthma induced by salicilates, hemorrhagic diathesis, last trimester of pregnancy.

Adverse reactions:

The following disorders may appear: gastrointestinal disorders (pirosis, epigastralgia), hypersensitivity to the product (skin eruptions, bronchial spasm), favors hemorrhages, Reye syndrome in children.


The tablets are to be swallowed entire, with a sufficient amoutn of water, preferably after meals.
Adults: one tablet, repeated if necessary after 4 hours. For the anti-inflammatory effect 6-8 tablets daily, every 6 hours, in fractions..
Children under the age of 12: administration is made only under strict medical supervision.
Children above 12 years old: for the analgesic and anti-pyretic effect ½ tablet is taken (250mg acetylsalicylic acid), repeated if necessary after 4 hours.