Starting with 2008 Magistra C&C has undergone a massive investment process, in order to adjust to the international standards of quality. In that respect new systems of granulation, tablet forming, blister packing for tablets, melting-homogenization and blister packing for suppositories have been acquired.

A new system for air treatment and filtering class D (100.000) for the clean production rooms has been installed, and the production areas have been rearranged with finishing specific to the clean rooms.

A closed system of water treatment was purchased, which produces water of purity conform to the European Pharmacopoeia and an integrated system of compressed air, which ensures compressed air of a purity conforming to the international standards for the production of solid forms.

Accomplishment of these standards was certified in august 2002 by the Romanian National Medicines Agency with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certificate for all production flows. The certificate was renewed in august 2008.

One of the production flows is dedicated to solid oral pharmaceutical forms (tablets, filmed tablets, capsules) and the other is destined to suppositories, ovules and ointments/creams/gels. With this investment that surpassed 7 million euro, our production capacity increased to 700million tablets and 50million suppositories and ovules per year.