Prednison MCC 5 mg


5 mg prednisone as 5.58 mg prednisone acetate

Pharmacological properties:

Anti-inflammatory cortical-steroid, potent anti-allergic; increases the protein catabolism, increases glycaemia, stimulates the central nervous system.


  •     Chronic and acute rheumatism
  •     Poly-arthritis
  •     Bronchial asthma, acute viral hepatitis, meningitis, viral encephalitis
  •     Eczema, lymphaticleukaemia
  •     Severe acute or chronic allergic inflammation of the eye


  •     Doping substance (forbidden to sportsmen)
  •     Duodenal or gastric ulcer
  •     Osteoporosis
  •     Cardiac insufficiency

Side effects:

Hyperglycaemia, psychosis, insomnia, glaucoma, pancreatitis, potassium loss, personality changes.

Treatment and dosage:

According to doctor’s prescription.


Keep away from humidity, heat and light, store below 25°C in the original container.


2 years from manufacturing date.