Piracetam MCC 400 mg


400 mg of pyracetam

Pharmacological properties:

Nootrop drug improves the mental state protecting the cerebral cortex against hypoxia.


  •     Memory lapses
  •     Asthenia, adjusting problems
  •     Disturbing psychomotor reactions
  •     Cerebral strokes and circulatory insufficiency
  •     Alcoholism and drug addiction
  •     Improves intellectual performances


  •     Severe renal failure
  •     Caution in the first trimester of pregnancy
  •     Caution in epileptic patients
  •     Caution in moderate renal failure


Side effects:

Rare psychomotor disturbances, sexual arousal. aggressiveness.

Treatment and dosage:

Adults:6 tablets/day

Children: 3 tablets/day


Keep away from humidity, heat and light, store below 25°C in the original container.


2 years from manufacturing date.