Magistra C&C together with Romanian Red Cross “Humanity Has No Borders”

After two years, and passing through the first pandemic of the 21st century, we are again faced with events taht we thought already lost from recennt history.

The war rages at Romanian borders and it already induced an immense wave of sympathy and support for the people involved and affected by it.

Magistra C&C couldn't remain passive, so we rapidly mobilized an important stock of medicines of human use, of which heh hospitals and Ukraine are in dire need.

We sent 500.000 doses of essential medicines in treating cronic and acute cardiac diseases, for colds and flu, analgesics and antipyretics. 

With the help of Romanian Red Cross, thourgh its campaign "Humanity Has No Borders", our donation already reached the hospitals in the affectes areas and first-aid tents.

We are, as we always were, supporting people that need our help and be of help with all the means at our disposal. The health of all people remains our priority, standing true to our credo, to improve the quality of life, influencing our community and inspiring future generations.



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