Interview in “Pharmaceutical executive”

The October issue of „Pharmaceutical Executive” dedicates an extensive space to the „Country Report – Romania”, an extensive analysis on the market players, being them national producers, importers, or decision makers.

Magistra C&C participated in the material through the voice of Doctor Pharmacist Radu Cazacincu, Management Board Member, giving information about the manner in which the changes in the domain, legislative, competition or quality, affect all the players in the industry.

One of the conclusions of the material is that Romania, due to its strategic position in the EU, may play a very important role for Contract Manufacturing. “The nation’s local producers offer competitive and more affordable prices compared to the rest of the EU and yet our quality standards are equivalent to and, in some cases, superior, due to the modernity of our factories. This ties in very well with a willingness to withdraw contract manufacturing networks from Asia and re-situate them within Europe” says Mr. Cazacincu.

“Our size and geographical proximity means that we are flexible enough to respond to the evolving demands of our clients at pretty short notice”.

Read the entire material on Pharmaceutical Executive website:

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